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Frequently asked questions

PPC ads are search ad campaigns that are only shown to people who have searched for something similar on the web. These ads are often used by advertisers to get their products in front of customers who are looking for something relevant to a keyword or topic.

PPC ( Pay Per Click ) is a paid advertising model that enables you to target keywords or online advertisements. With ppc services, your website gets shown based on people's searches and when they click on ads that you have set up which in turn gets them to your website too.

PPC is an extremely popular channel for running ads and generating leads, with a huge potential for generating revenue. You can reach massive numbers of people at once and target them with finely-tuned keywords. This allows you to reach those in your industry that have the potential to convert into customers, or to provide value to them by providing information about your product or service.

PPC is the best way to maximize your profits, win new customers and keep them happy. We’ll find the keywords that match your business and connect with people who want to buy your products or services.

The average cost per click of PPC campaigns is anywhere from $2.50 - $5.00 USD, but this can depend on several factors including the type of campaign, the industry or vertical you're targeting, your bids and budget, geographic location and more.

To calculate PPC (pay per click) rates based on the "cost per click" approach, you need to determine what causes it. The three main factors contributing to the cost of running a PPC campaign include how much you pay for clicks, bid adjustments and competition among advertisers.

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